MMA Fighter Overcomes Career-Threatening Knee Injury to Win Title - In Just 6 Months!

Lucila Yamikani

November 15, 2021

“ knock out knee surgery and win a title in just 6 months is simply magical”

Name: Johnson Carter

Age: 38

Location: Madison County, Alabama, USA

Occupation: Full Time Welterweight MMA Fighter

Weight: 170 pounds

Time Fighting: 16 years

I was not always the boy who excelled in academics in school. My parents knew it. My siblings would perform better all the time. I made up for this by being the sporty and active one in the family. Whenever a chance presented itself, I would always try all the games available; football, rugby, track and field - you name it, I was there. Finally I settled in the cage as a MMA fighter.

Every career has its risks and rewards, and with MMA fighting techniques vary in intensity and the knees undergo a great deal of stress. At some point in their careers, MMA fighters will experience common knee injuries including ACL tears, MCL tears, patella dislocation, meniscus tears and complex knee injuries.

While attending the MMA Fight Night in Las Vegas in March this year, I injured my right knee ligament in training and wasn't able to participate. This was a really low point in my life. Initially it seemed like a minor injury, but apparently I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament and ended up having reconstructive surgery.

I knew knee injuries are a serious threat to athletes and the healing process would be slow - and sadly my doctor mentioned that if I didn't recover fully this would mean I could never return to the cage.

Being unable to spar in the cage and play the sport was the lowest point of my life and depression caught up.

Sometimes Even the Best of Us Need Help

Sometimes in life, even the best of us need help. As a person who has always been independent and a Pro in my area, not being able to rise up and perform really hit me hard.

In my journey to recovery, I sampled a lot of gear and sporting items that would help me recover faster.

Through some research online, my coach and friend found Cocoons. My first pair was amazing. The ability to rotate between cold and heat therapy, freezing them and microwaving them to deliver that much needed temperature change in my injured knee really did stand out for me.

This is simply the best sporting accessory I have acquired in my 16 years as a Pro MMA fighter.

Back to Winning Like it Never Happened

In the heat of the moment, I almost lost myself in the depression. Having to spend hours and days on end alone from my training partners took a heavy toll on me.

But just last month after using Cocoons daily for 6 months and with a recommendation from my therapist, I participated in the Alabama Ultimate Fighting Contest. Needless to say this went really well as I took the Welterweight title home.

I must say, it really feels great to be just back after 6 months and bagging titles!

So What Does Heat Therapy Do To Muscles?

Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flow to a particular area due to increased temperature. Increasing the temperature of the afflicted area even slightly can soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility.

Heat therapy can relax and soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue.

Cocoons - The Must-Have Post Workout Recovery Gear for Every Athlete!

As a Pro fighter, injuries are part of the game. But even if you’ve suffered for months or years with knee injury and thought nothing could be done, Cocoons could hold the key to your recovery.

For me, Cocoons were a timely injection in my life and what I needed exactly for my post workout routines.

Right now, I am busy training for the MMA fight night in Florida in December. To recover faster and to enable me to work out for longer hours, I normally use Cocoons to apply heat therapy on my knees. Considering how intense MMA Fighting can get even with mere training, I need to recover in the shortest time possible and I can confidently say that Cocoons have been the trick!

I have been an MMA Pro fighter for the last 16 years and I always love getting active and feeling the adrenaline flow in my body. I hope to keep up my career for as long as possible, so keeping fit is usually a priority for me.

When I was down for months and not able to spar in the cage, I can confidently say that was the lowest point of my life, but to knock off knee surgery, get up, recover and win a title in just 6 months is simply magical - all thanks to the super effective Cocoons post recovery gear!

Cocoons are comfortable knee and elbow fitting sleeves that deliver heat and cold therapy to your bones and muscles in an effective way to increase your blood flow, ease soreness and send that pain away!

These apparently are very durable and hilariously simple to use, but delivering relief like nothing we have seen before!

If You Want a Stable Relationship,

Get a Horse - Or a Cocoon! 

If you have been at the bar more than 15 minutes in your life you’ve probably heard this - that if you want a stable relationship, go get yourself a horse.

But we think otherwise; if you want a stable relationship, go get yourself a Cocoon!

And we mean it - this revolutionary sleeve really delivers what it promises.

You see, even at the height of your workout when the lactic acid has worn down your muscles, the Cocoons still hold on - Yes they are that stable and it won’t fall off!

Even better, you can rock them during your workout or post workout.

The No-Fluff, 100% Guarantee

The Cocoons Gear Team are so confident they created the world's most effective post-workout and knee pain relief gear that they give every buyer a 100% refund if they do not like our gear. Apparently, they have sent ZERO refunds to date since they commercially launched earlier this year.

The deal is as straightforward and direct as they come; if you purchase a Cocoon and you do not like it, you get 100% REFUND.

Simply you have nothing to lose by trying out their gear!

[ Fantastic product, fantastic experience!

My elbow pain is gone just like that! ]

The Cocoon is a must-have accessory and a lifestyle necessity for any active outdoor enthusiast and fitness buff who wants to RECOVER faster from their workouts and PERFORM better in their lives!

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