Shipping and Delivery

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Our fulfillment team tries to process orders as quickly asthey can. On average, they process/ship orders within 48 hours.

How does shipping and delivery work?

You’ve made an order, the sun is shining and an angelic choir is singing in the background knowing your Cocoon is on its way - now what?

Once an order is placed, our team will carefully collect your Cocoon from the clouds and package it with hugs and love, so please allow up to 48 hours for our team to pick and pack your order. All orders are sent when all items are ready in full - this means that if you have a pre-order item in your order, all items will wait until that latest item is available and then will be sent out at the same time.

As soon as your order is sent you will receive a shipping confirmation email from us complete with a tracking number so you can follow this magical journey.

Although we require a signature on delivery, due to current COVID-19 limitations this is at the discretion of the last mile carrier delivery driver and they may leave your package in a safe place, or take it to your nearest post office if you are not home.

*Please note: We send via signature required post to ensure safe delivery - if you opt for ‘Safe Drop’ yourself, we are not responsible for the package in the rare case it is missing or stolen.

**Please note: all shipping timeframes are from the advertised date of dispatch. Should your item have a pre-order date (advised next to the product name in brackets), this is the date of dispatch. The delivery timeframe starts from the pre-order date it ships on. If there’s no date next to the product name, you’re in luck - it’s ready to go!

Is shipping within the US free? How long does delivery take?

Yes, it is! We offer free standard shipping for orders above $59 USD to customers within the USA.

For contiguous USA, once shipped, your order should arrive within 7 to 12 business days.

However, for PO boxes and military addresses, delivery could take 7 to 21 business days.

Can I change my shipping address?

Oops, Cocoon not being sent to the right address? We can absolutely help change this for you! Provided your order has not shipped, please send us the new details and we can change this over for you.

If your order has been shipped, don’t panic! You can still redirect it via the tracking link we provide on your shipping confirmation email.

*Please note: We can only send your order to the address you provide on your order - if you have provided an incorrect address, and the package is delivered there, we are unable to retrieve it so please check your address carefully!

Do you ship internationally?

My Cocoons ships anywhere in the world. Standardinternational shipping starts at USD$7.99 and may increasedepending on the weight of your order. Please be advisedthat for the standard shipping option, your local post wouldusually be in charge of the actual delivery.

Delivery will take 7 to 48 business days after an order hasshipped.

For customers from UAE, please use your P.O. boxaddress when choosing our standard shipping method.

Do you offer express shipping?

We offer competitive Express Shipping for both domestic(contiguous states only) and international orders. Ratesdepend on the actual weight of the entire order. Pleaseselect “Express Shipping” at checkout to get an estimate.Please be advised that express shipping isn’t available toPO box addresses.

How do I track my order?

Yay, time to celebrate – it’s on its way! After we pass your order to the last mile carrier, we will send you a shipping confirmation email which will have a ‘Track Order’ button. This will take you directly to our Track My Order page so you can follow the live tracking updates!

Haven’t received your shipping confirmation email yet? Your order may be on pre-order, as confirmed on the website at time of purchase. Be sure to check your original order confirmation, you won’t receive a shipping confirmation email until that pre-order date.

Help, I think my order is lost/hasn't been delivered?

Think your order might be lost in transit? Although our last mile carriers quote us 7-12 business days for delivery, sometimes life happens and they aren’t able to deliver within this timeframe. When this is the case, your tracking number may update to advise of a ‘delayed’ delivery date.

If your item still hasn’t been delivered within 12 days, please contact us and we can launch an investigation with our shipping department.

*Please note: Once we pass your Cocoon order to the last mile carrier, your package is with a different provider. We completely understand delays are frustrating, however once your order is with the courier, any issues need to be investigated by the last mile carrier. We are able to contact them on your behalf to resolve any issues. Please be assured, we will always do our best to get the issue sorted as quickly as possible for you.

Help, something is missing from my order?

Our fulfillment team has rigorous measures to ensure that everything is shipped to you. In the rare event that something does go wrong, please email us at support@mycocoons.com

Share your order number so we can pull up your order details. We’d be happy to reship the missing item to you.

Are there any taxes or import fees?

Unfortunately, we’ll not be able to cover or refund any dutyfees incurred by your local laws. In most cases, VAT andcustoms fees will not apply due to the relatively low value ofthe shipment. However, we still encourage checking thecustoms and VAT laws of your local region before making apurchase.

Product Questions

Is this comfortable to use for overnight sleeping?

We have lots of customers who love using their Cocoonsovernight.While the Cocoons can be used overnight,

 it was designedmore for short usage (i.e. naps or when you need cold/hottherapy for your discomfort, pain or swelling). It only stayscool for the doctor-recommended duration of 10 minutes toprotect the skin around your intended area from damage.

Size guide?

Our awesome Cocoons are currently a one size fits most design. This design is ideal for those 14 years and above for the perfect fit. Please see below for further details of our sizing! All of our Cocoons are made individually with love so there may be a slight size variation per Cocoon.


Small: 10 - 15 inches ; 25cm - 38cm 

Medium: 15 - 20 inches ; 38cm - 51cm

Large: 20 - 25 inches ; 51cm - 64cm 

Can I submerge the Cocoon in ice water during my sporting event?

Unfortunately you can't submerge the Cocoons in ice water, as it will destroy the Cocoon and nobody wants that.

Instead keep your Cocoon in a zip lock bag that you can find in your kitchen or any grocery stores. Make sure that the bag is completely sealed before putting your Cocoon into the icy cold water.

Why doesn’t this stay cool longer than 20 minutes?

We intentionally designed Cocoon to only stay cold for thedoctor-recommended duration of 10-15 minutes whilehaving the same benefits as cold water therapy.

This is toprotect your skin from getting damaged by ice burns.

How long should I freeze these? Is it okay to only take Cocoons out when I need them?

We recommend placing the Cocoons inside the freezer forat least 2 hour before using them.

However, you couldalso place them inside your freezer for as long as you likeand just take them out when you need them. Don’t forget touse the resealable insulated bag that came with yourcocoons to ensure that they’re well protected.

* Please note * Do not close the insulated bag.

How heavy are My Cocoons?

The small cocoon weighs around 20.1lbs or 570g.

The medium cocoon weighs around 21.2lbs or 600g.

The Large cocoon weighs around 24.1lbs or 690g.

Can Cocoons be heated like other heat therapy products?

Absolutely! Cocoons can be heated. Simply heat yourcocoons in the microwave for 1 minute and you’re all setto have your desired heat therapy experience. 

We want you to have the best and easiesthot/cold therapeutic recovery experience possible.

How do I clean Cocoons?

We only recommend air dry flat your Cocoons, as they are made from an antibacterial energy transfergel that is 100% leakproof and non-toxic which may get damagedin the washing machine.

Why are the Cocoons heavy?

The Cocoons were intentionally created this way to provideyou with deep pressure compression therapy in addition tohot/cold therapy.

Deep pressure therapy increases thefeeling of calm and relaxation which could help improvecirculation, better your sleep, and reduce inflammation.

What are the Cocoons made from?

The inside membrane of the Cocoon is made of specializedantibacterial energy transfer hydrogel that is 100% leakproof and non-toxic.

 For the fabric (touching your face), we used multi stretchform fitting fabric, which is lush, soft, and breathable. Likewhat other luxury activewear brands use, but ours is bettersince you don’t have to pay extra. *wink wink* 

How’s the quality of Cocoon?

One of the most irritating things about generic and cheaphot/cold therapy products is that they seem to fall apart aftera few weeks. Either the bag breaks causing the liquid toleak. Or the product gets deformed.

Not only did we choosethe highest quality materials for Cocoons, but we also spentthe extra effort to DOUBLE stitch all of the majorcomponents. My Cocoons is built to last (for years).

I can't add a product to my cart?

Nobody panic! If you can’t add an item to cart, it may unfortunately be a sold out item. Try your equal-first or second-favorite product or size, otherwise we update our website regularly so that product or size you have your heart set on should be available again and on our website when they will be available again.

Partnership and Wholesale

How do I become a wholesaler?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! Kindly fillout this form so the relevant team could review yourapplication. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitateto contact our customer success team via our contact page.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We’re thrilled to hear that you want to share Cocoonswith your fans. Please submit your application via our affiliate page to sign up.

How do I become an influencer / ambassador?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! Kindly fill out the form on our Ambassador Page so our team can review your application. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at support@mycocoons.com


How secure is your payment?

All jokes and puns aside - your privacy and security is our highest priority. We use Shopify Payments which is an extremely secure and highly encrypted system designed to protect customers and also hold merchants accountable.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the good old-fashioned methods of payment, such as credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) as well as debit cards that can be used for online transactions.

Elon Musk fans? We've got you covered with our PayPal Express checkout.

At this time, we do not accept cash, checks or money orders.

How do I use my coupon code?

Woo, it’s on sale - so you’re basically saving money (at least, that’s what we tell ourselves when something is on sale). Simply head to the checkout, and on the first page of the checkout there will be a box for you to enter your discount code in - make sure to click ‘Apply’! This is offered before the payment page so you’re totally aware of how much you can save.

*Please note: Only one discount code can be used per order. If you are purchasing multiple bundles and discounts, we suggest placing separate orders. Strikethrough prices may consider the discount code mentioned in the description. Please check email offers for which items the code is applicable for (eg. single or twin Cocoon orders only).

Where do I put in my coupon code?

If you’re using a computer, please refer to the steps below:

1. Add the item(s) you wish to purchase in your cart. 
2. Click on the “VIEW CART” button. 
3. Review your order. Once completed, click on the“CHECKOUT” button. 
4. On the customer information page, enter your couponcode in the designated box and click “APPLY”.
5. You should see the new order total once the code hasbeen applied.

 If you’re using your mobile phone or a device with a smallscreen, please follow the steps below:

1. Add the item(s) you wish to purchase in your cart.
2. Click on the “VIEW CART” button. 
3. Review your order. Once completed, click on the“CHECKOUT” button. 
4. Click on “Click Here to Enter Coupon Code!” to see thedesignated coupon code box.
5. Enter your coupon code in the box and click on the “->”button.
6. You should see the new order total once the code hasbeen applied.

Why can’t I successfully apply my coupon code?

There are few reasons why a coupon code cannot be applied to an order:

The code is no longer valid. Most of our codes havean expiration date. So if your code is not working, it’spossible that it’s already past the expiry date.  

The code has already been used. Most of our couponcodes are single use. If you have already used acoupon code in the past, you will likely not be able touse it again for a second purchase. 

Your code didn’t meet the minimum orderrequirement. Some of our codes have a minimumorder requirement.


The item you're purchasing is already discounted.Most of our codes only apply to regular-priced items.

If you encounter problems getting your coupon code towork, please email us at support@mycocoons.com

Can I use more than one coupon code per order?

Only one coupon code can be used per order on our website.

Will my coupon code apply to the entire order?

In most cases, coupon codes would only apply to regular priced items. They also won’t apply to shipping fees.

I forgot to use my coupon code!

Made your Cocoon purchase, and as the payment was loading you realized with horror you hadn’t added your discount? Never fear, that opportunity hasn’t slipped away! Simply email our lovely Cocoon team at support@mycocoons.com and they will be happy to help correct this for you.

*Please note: Only one discount code can be used per order. If you are purchasing multiple bundles and discounts, we suggest placing separate orders. Strikethrough prices may consider the discount code mentioned in the description. Please check email offers for which items the code is applicable for (eg. single or twin Cocoon orders only).

Can I still cancel my order or make changes to my order/shipping information after ordering?

Our fulfillment team tries to process orders as quickly aspossible. In most cases, we can no longer make changes orcancel an order after it has been placed. However, if yourorder requires changing and you catch us before your orderis shipped, our customer success team may still be able tocancel/change it for you. Please email us at support@mycocoons.com

Why was my package returned to sender?

While we’re not responsible for lost/stolen packages once the courier marks them as delivered, we’d be happy to help you locate your missing order. Please follow the steps below:

Check with your family or neighbors as it’s possible that one of them received the package on your behalf. 

• Check exterior doors or other places where the courier may have left your package (e.g. behind a plant).There's a possibility that the courier left the package out of plain sight to ensure its safety (especially since these parcels do not require a signature). 

 If the package isn’t with your family or neighbors, please contact the courier and inquire about your package using the tracking number you received from our shipping confirmation email. It’s possible that the package is still with them and they just mistakenly scanned it as “Delivered”.

 • If you still can’t locate the package after this, please let our Customer Success team know that your order is missing and share your order number with them. You may reach our Customer Success team via our contact page.

A product I just purchased is now marked at a lower price,

can I get a price adjustment?

If the order was placed within 7 days of the price change,we’d be happy to issue store credits for any price difference.

Returns and Exchanges

What’s your return policy?

Sorry, we know this is the boring legal mumbo-jumbo, but take a minute to have a read of our return policy. We offer free returns for 30 days from date of delivery/receiving of order.

However, not all items are eligible. Any exclusions will be called out on product pages and / or at checkout. To be eligible for a return:

1. Item(s) have to be initiated for return and placed in the post within 30 days of the delivery/receiving of order.

2. Item(s) were not marked “Final Sale” or “Non-Returnable” at the time of purchase, unless faulty.

3. Item(s) must be in the original packaging, which must be in original condition.

This includes attached washing label, branded reusable insulated bag, seams are not broken. You will be asked to put your photography skills to the test and provide a photo of your item prior to sending it back to us so we can assess the condition.

*Please note: If you are returning one of your items from a bundle, your order is no longer valid at that bundle pricing.

How long do I have to return my Cocoon?

We know the drill – you’ve been needing to return it, but life gets in the way. We are happy to help you return that one, and offer a 30 day return period for you to make that tough decision! Please refer to our returns policy for more information.

Can I return my order for a refund?

Sadly, we know that sometimes the Cocoon is just not quite the right fit for some people. You can certainly return your Cocoon to us for a full refund, provided it is returned within 30 days.

*Please note: all Cocoon must be returned in as new condition, with the wash label, original insulated bag and seams are not broken to be eligible for a return.

**Please note: If you are returning one of your items from a bundle, your order is no longer valid at that bundle pricing.

Can I exchange my order for another item? (NOTE: or do

you do product exchange?)

As a My Cocoons customer, you have the option ofrequesting for a product exchange within 30 days from thedate of purchase as long as the item you wish to exchangefor is priced lower or is of the same price as your originalpurchase. To qualify for the exchange, the original itempurchased should be in good condition and be placed in thepackaging it came with. 

Please note that this option won’t apply to items purchasedduring limited-time sales events (i.e. Black Friday, HolidaySales). Also, shipping fee would have to be paid for by thecustomer. For more details and to request for a productexchange, simply reach out to our customer success teamvia our contact page.

How long does it take for my return/exchange to be processed?

We are working hard behind the scenes to get the Cocoons in and out of our fulfilment centers. We strongly encourage that you send through a photo of your receipt from the post office as proof your return has been lodged. As soon as we have this information, we can action either your exchange or refund immediately! If you forget to grab this receipt, we will just need to wait until that one gets back to our warehouse before we can go ahead.

How long does it take for my refund to be processed?

We’re sad to see you go! Should you receive a refund for your order, you will receive an email confirming this has been processed from our end. From there, it will take 2-5 business days to process into your account, depending on your bank. If it takes any longer than this, we would recommend contacting your bank or merchant (eg. Afterpay) directly.