Sergio Bueno's Soul of Vigor

Hello, who are you and what sports/fitness routine do you play?

Hello everybody! I am Sergio Bueno, a sportsman dedicated to transmitting emotions, news, updates and many more things to fans, and of course that I’m a sports passionate and a life dreamer. Since I can remember I´ve been a sports fan, soccer has been my life and every single day I try to live the Atlético de Madrid as a way of life, which consists of “Nunca dejes de creer” (“Never stop believing”). 

I tried to become a professional soccer player my whole life and I achieved it at the age of 17-18, not at the stage that I dreamed (first division), but at least I got into it at third division. 

Then, life itself guided me to a dream job: becoming a journalist, hosting a tv sports show, being at soccer stadiums as a field reporter, commenting on many sport events and so many other experiences that I enjoy doing for the people that join our channels at Claro. This came during my college career at the Anáhuac University, at México City. During my second semester I started my journalism journey, and since then, I’ve been enjoying sports in another way, a way that I dreamt about since I was a little kid.

I love doing exercise and playing sports. Taking care of myself is really important, not only in a physical state, but prioritizing your mental health, taking care of what really matters which is being well with you and yourself.

How do you get ready to train for your sport/how do you train?

Every morning I prepare myself a coffee to start the day, then I go to my room to meditate and have time alone. After that, I get dressed with some shorts and a sports t-shirt, stretch a little bit and put on my running shoes. Of course I have to prepare a playlist on Spotify, the music marks the pace when I run, so it’s really important to choose the best music based on my mood. 

I stretch myself, then set the clock, and start my mornings with a great run between 35-50 minutes per day. Enjoying the climate, enjoying the fresh air and being grateful to be alive. After that, I get back home and prepare my routine with some elastic bands and some weight to maintain my body as strong as possible. 

Protein is essential for every day I do exercise, I make a vanilla protein with peanut butter jelly which keeps my muscles in good shape.

After a workout/game, how do you recover your body? What do you do to get your body in shape? What type of diet do you eat? 

I try to recover by resting, giving my body a breathe, doing some stretching exercise after the runs and then workout. Of course having a shower, resting on a bed, a couch or even on the floor to recover from the effort made is essential for everyone. 

I honestly don’t do any type of diet, but I try to eat healthy. I know what my body needs and what I can avoid to keep in shape and in good health. Obviously having some tacos each week or every 2 weeks isn’t bad at all.

And now, My Cocoons are and will be a must for every post-workout to recover my body and muscles after doing exercise. The best part of them is that I can use them as cold as I need them or as hot as my muscles need them to recover.

How do you prevent injuries when you’re training? What type of stretches do you normally do? What’s your routine looking like?

Creating good habits is a must if you want to take care of yourself and prevent injuries. First of all, having the essential vitamins, having your foods and healthy snacks on time and being careful on what you are consuming is really important. Then you have to give your body a rest at least one day per week, we are not machines and our bodies will thank us for giving them some air to work properly.

And obviously stretching before and after the workout or when you’re a runner is really important:

  • Stretching the quadriceps 
  • Stretching the hamstrings
  • Stretching the glutes muscles 
  • Stretching the biceps
  • Stretching your back

    You must do every exercise carefully in order to prevent any injury and to improve your routines.

    If there is someone wanting to get to your level, what type of advice would you give them?

    Anything you dream, can be achieved, so keep on searching for opportunities, keep on fighting for yourself, keep on looking forward and make your dreams come true. You have to think to yourself that in 3, 5, 10 years you look back and say: “I’m so proud of what I have done, for who I am, and even prouder for what I’ve made for myself. 

    In every decision you take, you have to prioritize yourself, your happiness.

    How do you structure your day now? What projects are you busy with?

    I'm working everyday to improve and to be better day by day. I'm aiming to go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup (which is next year) and I need to be prepared for that. Obviously I'm anxious and looking forward to the next Olympic Games at Paris in 2024, so I have to focus on my day by day to keep learning, improving and keep growing as a person and as a professional in the media industry where I am. 

    Things just don’t show to you, you must create the opportunities, you must work hard, because I’ve learned that hard work pays off one day... 


    How has your journey on social media been? Future plans?

    I didn’t expect to have the followers that I have right now, but since I started to appear on tv, many more people started to follow me, to follow my job and I realized that those new followers were interested on what I say on tv as a reported, as a host and as a sports commentator. Then, I started to feel the commitment to give my followers interesting things for them. 

    Of course I’d like to grow and to get to many more people, to share the emotions of the sports to new people, to new audiences and I’ll be working on that. People want new stuff, so my job is to look for interesting, entertaining and cool stuff for the people in order to grow and to give people what they want and what they deserve which is having a good time watching tv, watching sports, watching sports news. 

    Anything else you would like to share?

    I guess that I´ve said it all, maybe in a couple of years I’ll have more experiences, and more stories to tell you all that I surely will be glad to share with everyone here at My Cocoons.

    Knowing what you know now, what do you wish you could tell yourself 10 years ago?

    Keep on pushing, keep giving your best effort and never let your dreams away. You can do it, no matter what and anything you want or dream, is possible only if you make it happen. Smile, appreciate and always be grateful for everything you already have ... keep training ... and the path will appear for your life, you’ll achieve whatever your goals are. When a person DECIDES to give up complaining and victimhood, ACCEPTS life as it comes and CHOOSES to take responsibility for their own suffering, that is when their authentic transformation process begins. What happens is what it is ... and what I do with it is what I am. 

    How can our audience find you online? 

    You can find me on my social media, and I’m starting a new project on YouTube that I would love to share with you really soon.

    INSTAGRAM: @sergiobueno97- https://www.instagram.com/sergiobueno97/

    TWITTER: @sergiobueno97- https://twitter.com/sergiobueno97

    FACEBOOK : @sbueno97- https://www.facebook.com/sbueno97

    Sergio Bueno is a sportsman dedicated to transmitting emotions, news, updates and many more things to fans, and of course, a sports passion and a life dreamer. Soccer has been his life and every single day he tried to live the Atlético de Madrid as a way of his life, which consists of “Nunca dejes de creer” (“Never stop believing”).