• Sweat it Out with "Victoria Tapp"


    Victoria Tapp is a NASM certified personal trainer. She's always been active. She grew up playing tennis, basketball, track, cheerleading, volleyball, etc. Once in college and graduate school, her athletic life slowed down like most. She needed to find something to keep her active and something that she also loves. That's where bodybuilding came into her play.

    These days, she is traveling around the world a lot. Due to that, she only does online training now. It is a blessing for her to be in this digital age. She's able to obtain more clients and work with people from all around the world. She's also pursuing fitness modeling which is her other passion.

  • The Love for Climbing of "Andrew Khaw"


    Andrew Khaw's sports are Rock Climbing, Ninja Warrior, and Baseball. His accomplishments are making it to Australian Ninja Warrior and winning his very first rock climbing competition. He watched Ninja warrior with his family each year and trained for it, and given the opportunity to compete in it.

    He decided to compete in his first Rock climbing competition without any expectations and he ended up having a blast and taking out the gold medal.

    Baseball was the first-ever sport he played and still loves it. It has helped him with his life when he needed a bit of a reset.

  • The Power Fitness and Strength of "Miranda Maverick"


    Miranda Maverick is a UFC fighter. She fought in the flyweight division that is 125 pounds, and right now, she is ranked 14th in her weight class in the world. She's been fighting for about six years. She started Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) about 7 1/2 years ago. When she started BJJ, she's almost 17 years old and grew a passion for it in just a couple of weeks. That is also when her MMA journey began. She's now a multiple world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and currently a brown belt. In MMA, some of her key accomplishments are turning pro before she turned 19, winning the Phoenix series 2 tournaments for Invicta FC, which was three fights in one night, & finally making it to the UFC after many hardships and times of feeling lost or hopeless

  • "Olivia Vivian" An Elite Gymnast and a Ninja Superstar's journey

    Olivia Vivian competed in the sport of Ninja Warrior. She used to be an elite gymnast.

    Over the years she had many accomplishments such as Olympic Games, World Championships and Commonwealth Games, but it’s her recent results in Ninja that showcase how her mindset has changed over the years.

    For the past four years she has been the first and only female to make it into the grand final and top 8 Ninjas in Australia (men and women), and she kept working hard towards her goal of being the first female in the world to win the show and beat the men.