• Shapely Muscles of "Shannon Mackey"

    Shannon Mackey is a fitness model, bikini competitor, and personal trainer. She's very passionate about creating content that influences people to live a healthier lifestyle. Staying active is a must for her and she finds that when more people see her enthusiastic and motivated. It inspires them to do the same. As she starts to grow her brand and network with new people, they become more inspired to share ideas. The first thing that crosses her mind is what people want to see that will inspire them to become more motivated. 
  • Body Basics of "Igor Anic"

    Igor Anic is a professional Handball player for the last 15 years. He's 34 years old and a former French national player, world and European champion. He's currently living and playing in Nagoya, Japan.

    He likes to share his life and experiences on social media. He uses Instagram and YouTube where he shares his journey about moving to Japan, living on the other side of the earth, and all the challenges his family and I are facing with coming from France and now living in Japan.

  • Shaping Up of "Julianne Hodges"

    Julianne Hodges likes to participate in almost all things physical activity. She used to play softball, swim, golf, and cross country and now regularly exercise in a variety of different ways. Sports and fitness have always consumed a large part of her life and after she quit playing competitively, she had to shift to recreational and lifestyle fitness. She used to do a lot of running, swimming, and biking because that’s what she was comfortable with but within the last year, she’s taken up lifting and calisthenics while still doing cardio. She likes to participate in a variety of different training styles to prevent boredom, burnout, and to stay healthy overall. She's been able to build muscle while still being able to maintain a consistent running pace and flexibility. She thinks it’s so important to find an exercise that you enjoy rather than participating in the exercise you feel like you have to do simply because it works for others.
  • Cyr Wheel of Fortune of "Luke Dulac"

    Luke Dulac performs with his Cyr Wheel. He started doing it when it became apparent that the pandemic and lockdowns were going to close gyms and conventional sports for an unforeseen amount of time making his traditional fitness routines impossible. He was spending more time online than before and at one point he ended up going down a YouTube rabbit hole where he found out about a Cyr Wheel. It is a giant steel hoop that is used for circus acts. You get inside it and spin around similar to how a coin spins on its edge when it is dropped.

    As soon as he saw it, he knew that not only would it be a very intense workout and that he could continue to get stronger during quarantine, but also that it would be one of the few things that he would find more fun than pole vaulting. After a lot of convincing his parents, they have finally agreed to order the Cyr wheel. They ordered the wheel on Etsy. When the wheel arrived, they did some rearranging of the furniture. Their house had an addition put on and is bigger than it was originally, leading to a unique large open space. They cleared out this area of the house and it was big enough for him to do the wheel in. He's been using the wheel there ever since then.

  • Fitness Grind of "Shannon Mackey"

    Shannon Mackey is a personal trainer at Northern Illinois Combat Club and she also trains online! She loves helping her clients and she wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world. For her, being a fitness enthusiast not only helped change her life but others as well!

    In her teenage days, she made sure she stayed very active. She was in track, cheerleading, and she took multiple dance classes from hip hop, Latin, ballroom etc. She didn't get into bodybuilding until she was in her early 20s. She met a great coach that saw potential in her right from the start. She always had a very high metabolism so it was easy to maintain her weight. She started doing bodybuilding competitions and she raised a ton of eyebrows instantly. With her very first competition, she placed 2nd taking home 2 trophies. This was such a huge highlight of her life. She was hooked on competing and wanted to win so after that she kept moving until her next show came. Next competition, she won! She placed first in Greenbay Wisconsin in 2020. She can't explain how happy she was to have this achievement.

    The next thing she wanted to accomplish was passing a course for fitness instructing. She wanted to teach group classes aerobic dances. She went from various schools and gyms to teach elementary students and adults. Every time they came in, she just wanted them to enjoy themselves. For her, being fit is supposed to be enjoyable!

  • Fitness Grind of "Amanda Essen"


    Amanda Essen is 26 years old. She's an EHFA & FISAF Personal Trainer, model, blogger, and IFBB bikini fitness athlete. She lives in Finland but she has followers around the world. She blogs daily and is active on Instagram too. Right now, she has over 51,3k followers.

    Her Instagram username is @Svagtillstark which means from weak to strong in Swedish. She recovered from a weak and anorexic, sick, depressed, and burned out person, to a strong both mentally and physically, happy and inspired individual that wants to help and motivate people to get healthy. A lot of the recoveries that she does are with the great help of strength training that she found in 2012-2013, and the interest to start building herself up instead of breaking her down.

    She also won the Miss Model of the World 2013 in Finland, but after that, she decided to take a step back from the modeling industry because she understood that it is not the healthiest lifestyle after a couple of model trips to Japan, France, Turkey, the United States, and the Nordic countries.

    She's also been in Finnish radio, television, sports magazines, and even interviews, magazines, and media on the web. She also participated in the Swedish book. She became a Confidenza (a book to help and strengthen young women's confidence and self-esteem).

    For her, it has been a long road but it's been worth it. Today, she helps with the knowledge and experience and wants to be more than happy to inspire and convey a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. She also competes in the bikini fitness category, works as a Personal Trainer worldwide, Fitness model, and Social Media Influencer.

  • The Power Fitness and Strength of "Miranda Maverick"


    Miranda Maverick is a UFC fighter. She fought in the flyweight division that is 125 pounds, and right now, she is ranked 14th in her weight class in the world. She's been fighting for about six years. She started Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) about 7 1/2 years ago. When she started BJJ, she's almost 17 years old and grew a passion for it in just a couple of weeks. That is also when her MMA journey began. She's now a multiple world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and currently a brown belt. In MMA, some of her key accomplishments are turning pro before she turned 19, winning the Phoenix series 2 tournaments for Invicta FC, which was three fights in one night, & finally making it to the UFC after many hardships and times of feeling lost or hopeless

  • Grit and Fitness of "Tara Jenkins"


    Tara Jenkins is from Melbourne and has been in the health & fitness industry for the past 8 years & has been a high-level athlete since the age of 10.

    She began her fitness career in track & field. She traveled all over Australia competing in 400m, 800m, discus, race walking & the odd pentathlon. She realized at the age of 10 that if she works really hard at something & dedicates herself to it, she can go places & achieve some great things. This cemented her mindset in life & still has that same work ethic to this day.

    Once she became tired of track & field, she learned Gridiron & bodybuilding simultaneously as they complemented one another. She represented her state as a full back & running back & also gained sponsors within the bodybuilding industry as her athleticism & physique were in good shape to help promote these companies.

    Towards the end of her gridiron career (she was about 28), she dived headfirst into CrossFit as she loved that it was so hard and there's so much to learn. She became obsessed with getting fitter, stronger & perfecting the movements. She focused all of my energy on becoming a better athlete every day and by the age of 31. She also represented Australia in the CrossFit Games.

    She has been working on her strength & mindset every day in my garage & holding back until we get it all clear and she can refocus on competing again.  


  • Fitness Life Coaching of "Jenny Blake"


    Jenny Blake "the Nutritionist” helps ladies who work out build muscle and decrease body fat. She does a mix between Crossfit and BodyBuilding training. She's a nationally qualifying bikini and figure competitor. Through her experiences, she’s learned that Nutrition has the biggest impact on the outcome of their training. Once she learned the “nutrition strategy” for changing the shape, she went all in and became a Licensed Nutritionist. Now, she has helped hundreds of ladies build muscle and decrease body fat through my program Create Your Shape.

    She's 32 years old and has been slow traveling the world for about 3 years now. Over this time she has lived in 5 countries. She even went to a Crossfit gym and took classes that were in a different language. She also loves trying all of the local cuisines. She's very proud that she has all of the nutrition tools she needs to live this lifestyle and still build my shape which motivates me to share it with others.

    Currently, she's updating all of her systems in the Create Your Shape program so all of her ladies can implement their dashboard, macros, and implementation tools more efficiently. Between that project and reviewing check-ins, photos, and bloodwork for her clients, she stays pretty busy.  She's also in a Functional Nutrition course which requires a lot of studying. She loves learning all things about the body and nutrition and she finds this very challenging and interesting.


  • How to Start Running to Lose Weight

    Running is a great way to lose weight. Running gives you the opportunity to build muscle mass and burn fat, which will lead to a slimmer physique. Running also increases your heart rate so it's an excellent cardio workout as well! Running can be intimidating for beginners but with these running tips for beginners, it won't seem so scary!

    It is an excellent way to burn calories and get in shape. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to exercise, so it won’t break the bank either! You can run on your own or with friends. If you want to start running but don’t know where to begin, this guide will help walk you through everything from how long it takes before you see results.